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Italy 2003
Parma hams
Many have seen the term "prociuto" on a menu. Often, this is associated with ham from Parma. However, as we learned, it's not easy to become a Parma Ham.
Only hams from the Parma region that meet strict requirements can earn the coveted brand of "PARMA". Actually, the Parma ham is not the best of the region. There is also the "Cotolleto" with the Parma brand that is a superior product. Hams that that are from the Parma region that fail the quality tests are labeled simply as Italian Ham. Parma hams are aged for a long time—the best ones for more than two years.


The aging facility we visited had room for about 24,000 hams.

(left) members of the cooking group: Bill, Angela, John, JoAnn (partially hidden), and Jane

(below) Parma hams before processing


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