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Umbria, Italy 2003
Cooking School
Could I turn down the opportunity to go to cooking school in Italy with friends? Of course not! Most of us met in Milan to do some touring before school. This included not just using Milan to adjust to the time change, but also seeing how Parma hams, Parmigiana-Regiano, and Balsamico Tradizionale were made. Good food, good wine, and wonderful new friends—a great experience, despite the calories consumed on the trip!
brand on cheeseParmigiano-Reggiano is one of the most famous of Italian cheeses. bottle of balsamicoBalsamico Tradizonale mostly not like what you get in the U.S.Menus Not just Umbrian, but a smattering of all of Italy. Good thing we were only cooking one meal a day, or we would have had to buy entirely new wardrobes! Parma ham brandParma Hams Did you know that there were different grades of Parma ham?
vegetablesCooking? Yes, we did actually cook—a lot! Pictures here, menus to right. SpotlessSpotless goes to Italy
MilanMilan Famous for its Duomo and Leonardo's Last Supper painting. BavagnaAssisiTowns & Countryside In the course of our travels, we went to Perugia, Bevagna, Assisi, Spelo, Spolleto, and Narcia
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