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Italy / 2003
balsamico tradizionale
When most of us think of balsamic vinegar we think of red wine vinegar or something else that makes the mouth pucker. Balsamic vinegar comes in all kinds of grades and qualities, as we found out. The lowest qualities are, indeed, most at home as part of a vinegar and oil salad dressing. But, the really good stuff, balsamico tradionale, isn't anyting like that. It is old (25 years, but not by vintage) and is so smooth that it is great on ice cream. Back
A 100 ml bottle (3.38 ounces) of the best balsamico tradizionale—that's the gold label variety—may retail for €60 (~$70) or more.


The balsamico is only a small part of this family's operations. Their principal business is making wine. During four generations of wine making, they've also collected some interesting antique wine making equipment.

(left) old wine filter

(right) old method of filling bottles

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