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Russia & Poland   2002
Krakow is known one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Over the centuries, many artists and architects came to work here. It escaped major during the World Wars and in 1978 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage. left The courtyard of the Royal Castle. (middle) Looking from the courtyard of the Royal Castle. (right) A moat surrounded the Wawel—the hilltop citadel of Krakow—it had been filled in and turned in to a park.
(below left) Pigeons in central square. (below middle) In town square people sit on the memorial to the Polish poet Adam . Behind the statue is the central building of the square, Hall. (below right) Local show their works on the wall of the ancient walled city.
John & Ken in Krakow Krakow at night
(above) John & Ken in Krakow and Krakow at night.
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