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Auschwitz, Poland 2002

It impossible to visit this site of genocide and not feel a sense of inhumanity, and of a lesson that should not be lost. It is one to read of the atrocities committed by the Nazis, but there is grim reality to visiting these camps  

The sign over the gate at Auschwitz said "Arbeit macht frei"- Work Makes One Free (above) . Around the were signs in German and Polish indicating that it was death try to leave. (right) The fence was electrified to keep prisoners from escaping. Some were in such dispare that they committed suicide by throwing themselves against the fence. (far right and below right))

Each of the buildings at Auschwitz was made of brick. Bunk beds were high and held two people per bed.

The camp was surrounded a double row of barded wire fence—all electrified. (below right)

(above) A crematory blown up by the in an effort to hide the atrocities before the Allied troops arrived.
Another camp, known as Auschwitz or Birkenau was a short distance from the first camp. Birkenau was a death camp. Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, Russian prisoners or war, and were brought in by railroad freight car. Those who didn't seem to work were sent to the "showers" to be gassed. (below) (below) The fencing at Birkenau. Tthe camp extends to the tree line in distance. It is likely that 1.5 million people were killed at Birkenau.
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