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There's always something...whether it's weddings, critters of various sorts at Fort 4Ls, or other stuff.
Rick & Julia come for the parade 2010 > Rose Parade float Etta & Bill visit LA 2014
pit for grindng olives < 2009 La Purisima Mission, north of Santa Barbara, CA metambre for Thanksgiving dinner 2009 < Thanksgiving at Camp 4Ls 2009
Cooking on  Christmas 2008 > chicken on Christmas '08 Dan and Sharon arrive for New Year's festivities > Dan and Sharon
hawk < wildlife at the Fort polar bears < San Diego
Huntington Library > bee at flower the books > SGYW cover
Sharon & Dan < Sharon's & Dan's wedding our wedding < our wedding
From time to time on trips, we take photos concentrating on a theme. Here are links to some of those pages...
manequin < manequins in Greece green door < doors of Paros
shoes in Paris > shooes London taxis > taxi

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