Carol & John Llewellyn
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Our Wedding January 8, 2001
Family have flown in from across the country. Sharon and Dan from Denver. Rick & Julia from Maryland. And, Carol's parents, Shirley & Jim, from Toronto. Historically this would have been the time for a "rehearsal dinner." But given the planned informality of the following day, there was nothing to rehearse, so—Let the festivities begin!
First Row: Carol, before stirring the risotto for half an hour; Sharon pitching in; Rick & John—who knows what they've been up to. Second Row: The critters from top to bottom—Rudee, Spotless, & Tony; Rick—is it surprising that he's pouring wine?; Julia applying her cooking talents.
Rick & John
Rick pouring wine
Shirley and JimMiddle: Shirley & Jim watch, but safely keep their distance.

Right: The osso bucco is finished!

osso bucco
John and Carol


Left: The happy couple.

Right: Let's eat!

The whole crowd at dinner
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