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Tournament of Roses Parade January 1, 2010
New Year's Day
Julia and Rick stopped by on their way back from some exotic south seas adventure. We lured them with a promise to take them to the Rose Parade—Julia had never been to the parade and although Carol had seem the floats up close and personal pre-parade, she also had never been to the parade.
Rick & Julia parade float parade float
dog on snow board fly over at end of parade Carol, Julia, and Rick
(above left) The dog on the snowboard was amazing. (above middle) The flyover at the end of the parade. Roll over image, too! (above right) Carol, Julia, and Rick at the Chinese garden at the Huntington Library. (below left) The Japanese Garden at The Huntington. In The Huntington's cactus garden (middle) John & Rick, (right) Rick, Julia, and John.
Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library John & Rick Rick, Julia, and John
Carol and Rick serving pizza cactus flower Rick, Julia, and John at dinner
(left) Carol and Rick conferring about serving pizza. (middle) Cactus flower at The Huntington. (right) Dinner with Rick, Julia, and John.


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