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12/31/2003 — 1/1/2004
New Year's
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new year's eve 2004/ new years day 2005

chairs on parade routeThe famous Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl football game are imbedded in Pasadena's culture. Folks start staking out claims to roadside viewing spots as soon as the authorities will let them.

Late in the afternoon on New Year's Eve, we walked from Fort 4Ls to Old Pasadena to gawk at the preparations. Chairs were set up (and guarded), viewing stands/bleachers were in place, and Old Pasadena became a traffic nightmare for those not on foot.

people picking spot to watch grandstand traffic on Colorado Blvd.
scollops with angel hair pasta Somehow, it only seemed proper to end 2004 with something good to eat—our choice after a look at what Bristol Farms had to offer was scallops over pasta (with a little wine).

The tradition is that it isn't supposed to rain in Pasadena on New Year's Day—not good for the parade floats and those who march in it. Though it looked threatening early, things cleared and the B2 bomber made it's annual run over Colorado Boulevard to start the parade. Oh, we did walk up to look at the floats before the parade started which is why the pics of the horsies and locomotive float are here.

Colorado bridge
stealth bomber Clysdale horses
Rose Parade float Rose Parade float steam engine float

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