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christmas at the fort 2003
And they gathered from far and wide. Carol from Toronto. Sharon and Dan from Denver. Rudee and Spotless are holding mum about their origins.
living room With the living room still in the process of being redecorated, most of the furniture was missing, leaving a great space for a 10-1/2' tree. The designer inspired concrete block and plywood coffee table was hidden by poinsettias and Christmas cards. (right) Carol works on trimming the tree. Carol trimming tree
There was much to be cooked! (right) the chefs confer. (far right) Sharon and Dan try to keep a safe distance from the action. However, (below) Sharon is drafted to help. The results: (far right) Christmas Eve diner and (below far right) Christmas dinner (green chili-chicken enchiladas). Carol & John cooking plate of food
Carol & Sharon Sharon  Dan Dinner
Spotless & Rudee Now, Spotless and Rudee found a common interest 0n Christmas morning—mimosas. Actually, they finally just skipped the orange juice and only drank champagne! Spotless told me afterwards that he would rather have a screwdriver (vodka & OJ) than a mimosa. Champagne is just to fussy for him. Go figure. waffles
Christmas morning was a test of an unused waffle maker. Guess what happens if too much batter is put in it?
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