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Spotless January 2014
Around the World
Spotless never turns down a trip—particularly an around the world by private jet. (middle) on the plane getting ready fo many photos. (Right) Machu Pichu. (below, left) ready for dinner abord the Hiram Bingahm train returning to Cusco. (below, middle) checking out weaving in Cusco. (below, right) Easter Island.
(aabove, left) Siem Reap, Cambodia. (middle) Having a cup of tea at the Daintree Rain Forest. (right) Tibet.
(below, left) Panda Research center, Chengdu, China. (middl & right) Dinner in Chengdu (yep, the dog has a bone)
(above, left) Fort Agra, India. (middle & right) lunch on the Serengeti, Tanzania.
(below, left & middle) Petra, Jordan. (right) waiting to board the plane.
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