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Spotless October 2012
Spotless likes going to Italy, we just wish we could get him to stop changing the video channel while we're flying. But, once we got there he was ready for the walking trip as well as the Piemonte and Tuscan adventures.
John & Spotless Spotless with video control Spotless at Lake Como
Spotless with wine bottle Spotless climbing to wine glass Alisio removing Spotless from wine glass
As just one of the gang on the walking trip, Spotless liked the wine as much as anyone else. But, one of our guides, Alisio, thought he might have had enough. (above right) Who knew he wanted to drive a tractor...maybe too much country music? (below right)
Spotless Spotless with direction sign Spotless on tractor
Spotless with espresso Spotless at fountain Spotless at Tuscan villa
All in all, Spotless thought the trip was great...good food, good wine, great places to visit, and great people to be with. Spotless with artichoke soup Spotless with wine
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