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Adventures of Spotless 2009
Spotless thinks it's pretty cool to be in London for Christmas—actually, he thinks it is cold! (left) From the London Eye with Big Ben in the background. (middle) At the Royal Albert Hall for Christmas Carols. (right) In Trafalgar Square.
Spotless with Big Ben in background Spotless at the Royal Albert Hall Spotless in Trafalgar Square
Spotless at the Churchill museum Spotless at Harrods Spotless at the carousel
(above, left) In the Churchhill museum. (above, middle) At Harrod's. (above, right) At the carousel outside the Natural History Museum. (below, left) In the Natural History Museum. (below, middle) Nothing like a nice espresso after a meal. (below, right) Waiting to be served.
Spotless in the Natural History Museum Spotless with an espresso Spotless
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