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Adventures of Spotless 2008
We never have to ask Spotless twice if he wants to go to Hawaii. He loves it—no matter which island it is. And, each trip is a new adventure for him. (left) Sitting at the Beach Tree, he tries to figure out how to eat the peas. (middle) Though he's never had a drink with an umbrella, he likes the idea. (right) The pup staying in touch via his Blackberry.
Spotless at the Beach Tree bar Spotless at bar Spotless w/ Blackberry
Spotless at King's Pond Spotless with beer Spotless at Beach Tree bar
(above) Spotless at the Kings Pond. (below) With a tiki at the Beach Tree. (above) He finds that a cool brew is a good alternative to a mai tai.

(below) at the beach.
(above) After losing his sunglasses on British Air, he tries to remember to wear his hat. (below) When John wasn't looking, Spotless went for the mai tai.
Spotless w/ tiki Spotless at beach John & Spotless
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