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Adventures of Spotless 2007
Spotless loved the idea of going to London for Christmas. (left) He thought the salt & pepper shakers on Virgin Atlantic were cute. (middle) As always, he carefully planned what he wanted to see. (right) Of course, that included a traditional London pub.
Spotless on Virgin Atlantic plane Spotless looking at map Spotless in pub
Spotless wth champagne Spotless at Buckingham Spotless next to the Thames
(above, left) He celebrated Christmas Day, but was disappointed that there wasn't a Santa hat for him. (middle) In front of Buckingham Palace. Spotless had hoped that one of the Queen's Pocket Beagles might invite him over, but, alas, that did not happen. (right above) The pup checks out the Tate Modern with St. Paul's in the background. (below, left) Spotless in the Science Museum and (middle) in the British Museum. (right) Patiently waiting in the Virgin Atlantic Club House for the flight home.

Spotless in Science Museum Spotless in British Museum Spotless in loungh
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