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Adventures of Spotless 2006
below left Despite the early morning, Spotless was excited about flying in a hot air balloon. below right Spotless in balloon basket after landing. middle row Spotless ponders the similarity between the champagne cork given him by the balloon pilot and a hot air balloon. middle row right One of Rudee's jobs was to guard the presents so that Spotless wouldn't shake all the boxes.
Spotless waiting for balloon hot air balloon Spotless in balloon basket
Spotless with cork champagne cork Rudee guarding presents
Rudee pointing to corkscrew broken corkscrew Rudy and Spottless waiting to eat
Spotless and Rudee are always ready for a picnic. However, both were dismayed at the failure of the corkscrew. left Rudee points at the failed instrument right Rudee and Spotless patiently wait for lunch.
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