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Adventures of Spotless 2006
Spotless has wonderful memories of his two previous trips to Italy—particularly the wine and food. This trip, he had some new experiences. He wasn't sure what a horse was when he perched on this tie-up ring in Florence, but he figured it was big! Yes, he did later see a horse and found out they are much bigger than the pup. Not only that, but, he wondered, why do they eat from a bag? Then, he found a statue of a fierce looking wolf. After John convinced him it was only a statue, he got a lot more courage.
Spotless with wolf John & wolf Spotless with wolf
Spotless in Palazzo
Spotless is always a good sport when traveling and was more than willing to go into any church, piazza, or pallazo—but at the end of the day, and after a great meal, he did like his vin santo with a biscotti!
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