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Adventures of Spotless 2005
Spotless & Tony explore Yellowstone together.
(left) Spotless thinks looking at geysers is fun, but having the sensitive nose of most dogs, doesn't like the sulphur smell at all.

When Tony and Spotless decided it was time to explore, they took careful note of the sign warnings. (right) Of course, they ignored the stuff about keeping pets in cars!
However, all is well when it comes to picnic time. (below) Ribs are a particular favorite of his. He found out that Julia likes to gnaw on the bones, so the two of them had quite a contest seeing who could con the most out of everyone else.
Since Tony hasn't done that much traveling—Hawaii was his first big trip—he's still a little wary of what trouble Spotless might get him into. So, Tony was happy with his glass of wine (right) until Spotless sat down with two of 'em (below, right) Tony decided to defend his turf by taking control of the bottle (left) Fortunately, everything was resolved peacefully when it was discovered that Spotless was only watching the glasses for Carol & John and that each of the critters did get one of their own. (right)
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