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Adventures of Spotless 2003
Spotless now looks forward to travel. He's not sure that he likes traveling in propeller driven planes. That's what I get for letting him travel 1st class to Italy; now he's spoiled! (and it only gets worse)
Being a dog with a sensitive nose, Spotless wasn't quite sure what to think of the strong sulphur smell from geysers and bubbling waters.

However, he was sure that picnicking with a little wine, some cheese, salami, and sourdough bread was wonderful.

(right) I'm not sure if this is Spotless barking up the wrong tree or just climbing the tree. Anyway, just like the bear who went over the mountain to "see what he could see," Spotless climbed a (short) tree to get a better view.

Spotless will climb on to any shoulder he can find, particularly if it is a female, as Julia found out. (above)

The intrepid pup isn't afraid of heights as long as he isn't looking toward the canyon. (below) Spotless before diving into the red wine.
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