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Adventures of Spotless 2003
Canadian Rockies
conquering the rockies As usual, the intrepid pup has a good time where ever he goes. (below, left) Spotless takes a break on the hike to Bugaboo Falls. (below, right) Spotless thinks he can figure out the route directions all by himself.
Spotless on trail Spotless with route notes Spotless at engine controls
(below, left) The Big Dog at Emerald Lake. (below, right) Spotless rests while we have a break on the hike to Island Lake. (aboe right) The Canadian Pacific train manager was so taken with Spotless, that he let the pup try out the engine controls. A little scary, 'cause he's just not tall enough to see out!
Spotless at Emerald Lake Spotless on hike to Island lake Spotless with beer
Spotless wants to take a break just like everyone else. So, at the end of the Island Lake hike, Spotless grabs a brew with the rest of the crew. He woofed that he still preferred the Italian reds, however.
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