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Adventures of Spotless 2003
Cooking School in Italy
I was a little fearful of traveling abroad with such a young pup. But, Spotless proved to be a great traveler. We was just as fond of good food and wine as everyone else on the trip. Back
AssisiOne of the places high on the trip for Spotless' was Assisi. Spotless had learned that St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals, so he just had to have his picture taken in front of the cathedral where St. Francis in entombed. Spotless with breadSpotless felt that he had a duty to check out the food. Although he usually avoids carbohydrates, he made an exception for fresh Italian bread (and pasta, and wine...heck, he'll eat anything!)
Spotless Spotless carefully monitored the results of our cooking. However, you'll note that he often has a glass of wine with him! Maureen and SpotlessHere, he's clilmbed onto Maureen's shoulder trying to get a better look at the food (and wine).
Spotless on Duomo roof Spotless really liked the view from the top of the Duomo in Milan. Spotless with Patrizi
Turns out that Spotless is a bit of a flirt. He's managed to get the chef's helper, Patrizi, to give him a ride to the anchovies.
John & Spotless For one brief moment, Spotless was willing to sit still so we could be photographed together on the roof of the Duomo in Milan. Spotless with wine glasses Spotless is very particular about having his wines served in the proper glasses. Realizing how many times he had his picture taken with a wine glass, I began to be concerned about him.
Well, toward the end of the trip, we did find Spotless, "in the cups" as they say. However, who is to question a happy puppy! By the way, he favors the Italian reds over the whites. Spotless in wine glassback to cooking school

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